Torn Curtain Ministries, Inc.


Our Integrative Mental Health certificate courses are designed for therapists, pastoral counselors, ministers, nurses, natural health professionals, and anyone who is interested in learning how to help people on a holistic level -- from a Christian perspective which addresses body, mind, spirit and social relationships.

The program was designed to be completed in 2 years, and you will receive a certificate at the completion of each of the two sections, which must be taken in order. You are responsible for purchasing your own textbooks, and a book list and syllabus will be sent when you enroll. Our textbooks are readily available through most book stores or on Amazon. We request a $150 donation prior to enrollment for each section. This is a donation, and no refunds will be given. This helps us finance not only our record keeping and certificate costs, but the general work of the ministry, including our pastoral counseling and wellness ministries.


What you will learn:

The Christian basis of health and healing

How to pray for the sick


Herbs, supplements, vitamins and minerals that aid mental and physical health

Biblical Counseling

Christian Counseling Ethics

Christian Counseling Theology

Approaches to help alcoholics and drug addicts as well as those with behavioral addictions

Spiritual warfare and the dangers of the occult

Distinguishing behavior patterns from chemical imbalances


There are 16 courses total, 8 each year. Feel free to work at your own pace. You may submit courses as they are completed, and they will then be graded and the next course sent. At the completion of the first year courses, you will receive a certificate demonstrating your completion of our Integrative Mental Health Level I program, and after the completion of the second year courses you will receive a certificate of completion for Level 2. These courses are for continuing education and personal enrichment, and are not necessarily intended to meet the requirements of any state licensure board.


Other courses are in devolopment, please check back for more information. To enroll, please email: